Dad headbutts teacher after being called to school to collect badly behaved girl

Dad headbutts teacher after being called to school to collect badly behaved girl

An angry dad headbutted a headteacher after being called in to collect his child from school due to their behavioural issues.

Shaun Pattyson, 27, went on to headbutt headmaster Robert Swindells as he was having a conversation with the child’s mum.

The dad and his partner were asked to pick up a child due to their unruly behaviour on May 9 but, while Mr Swindells was conversing with the kids’ mum, the defendant approached, squared up to him and headbutted him, Stoke-On-Trent Live reports.

Prosecutor Emma Thompson alleges the father continued the assault by punching and kicking the victim.

The magistrates have adjourned the case and Pattyson, who pled guilty to common assault, will learn his fate at North Staffordshire Justice Centre next month.

The prosecution went on to state that Mr Swindells had been working at the school for a whopping 25 years, and had been head for 10 years. She went on to state that the school had been experiencing issues with the particular student at the time – including the fact that they were swearing at teachers during lessons.

Miss Thompson said: “The headteacher had a conversation with the child’s mum on the phone and she said she would come immediately to collect the child.

“The child went to the front entrance and began being rude. Within 10 minutes the child’s parents arrived.

“The mother approached the front entrance and shouted at the child to get a phone. The child went to collect the phone.”

Speaking about the incident itself, the prosecutor went on to say: “The defendant appeared and squared up to the headteacher. The headteacher could not remember what he said to him but the defendant was swearing at him before head-butting him. It connected with the right side of his face just below his right eye.

“He immediately fell to the floor as a result of the headbutt. He felt the defendant kick and punch him for approximately 10 seconds.”

The defendant made full and frank admissions in his police interview. Miss Thompson added: “He said he headbutted the headteacher.

“He was shown the CCTV and admitted it was him head-butting, punching and kicking the victim. He said he believed the headteacher was a bully and that is why he assaulted him.”

Pattyson, of Brewester Road, Bucknall, pleaded guilty to common assault.

Representing himself, the defendant said: “I’ll admit to headbutting him because I did. I admit to punching him. I did not kick him. If this is on CCTV, show it to prove I did not kick him.”

Magistrates adjourned the case for an ‘all-options’ pre-sentence report to be prepared on the defendant. He will next appear at the court on October 25 and his bail was extended.

Chesterton Community Sports College was unable to comment after being contacted by The Mirror for a statement.