Kane confident of injury-free World Cup with England thanks to new physio

Kane confident of injury-free World Cup with England thanks to new physio

Harry Kane has revealed that working with a new physio has made him less susceptible to ankle injuries, boosting his hopes of shining for England at the World Cup this winter.

England’s captain decided to seek additional help after he sustained a torn hamstring during Tottenham’s 1-0 defeat to Southampton in January 2020. The Spurs striker felt that tear was a consequence of repeated serious ankle injuries and his frustration led him to turn to a Spanish fitness expert on the recommendation of an athlete from a different sport.

Kane said his physio, whose identity he refused to disclose, has had a huge impact on his body. The 29-year-old has not suffered a long-term ankle injury since the end of the 2018-19 season – “Touch wood,” he said as he spoke to the media before England’s Nations League tie against Italy – and he is feeling more relaxed now.

“We’ve been working together for nearly three years,” Kane said. “He’s been really great for me. We’ve worked for hours and hours over the three years, built up a really good relationship and I feel like he’s really helped me.

“I’ve seen changes in my body in terms of what my ankles were like before and now after. I’m in a totally different place, so it’s really pleasing.

“I’ll use him maybe one week of the month. He doesn’t live in the UK so he comes over one week a month and stays with me.”

Kane, who said England’s players are fully behind Gareth Southgate, is more confident with his body. He has only missed five games through injury since that defeat to Southampton.

“I was struggling to play consistently throughout a season,” he said. “Especially when you come up to major tournaments, it’s great to know your body is in a good place. You can get injured at any moment, whether it’s a tackle or a bad movement, but I think when you’re free in your mind and you’ve been playing consistently for a while, it definitely helps with your mindset.

“I wasn’t anxious but I was frustrated. I kept getting ankle injuries and that led to a bigger hamstring injury. As I’ve got older and more mature, you learn more about your body. When you can push and when you should not push too hard. You learn as you go on. That’s helped me to consistently play at the level I have.”